crossover kids:

Ministry & check-in

Crossover is passionate about Jesus

That means we're passionate about kids growing in knowing, loving, and trusting Jesus. We believe that learning God's Word is exciting and above all life changing. Because God's Word is our focus, we aim to make every Sunday Gathering a fun and engaging experience for your children so that they can grow spiritually, make friends, and take the next steps in their faith.

Three cheers for volunteers!

We're blessed to have Crossover parents serving in Crossover Kids. This once-a-month commitment is a great opportunity for our children to see what it looks like to be Jesus’ hands and feet in a grown-up way. We want our parents to be “in the know” about what their kids are learning on Sundays and Wednesdays. 

Thanks to our incredible volunteers we continue to offer Crossover Kids for grades pre-k through 4th during The Gathering four Sundays a month. On months with five weekends, all children will stay with their parents to worship together on the fifth Sunday of the month. 

Sunday Check-In Procedure

We now require all children attending Crossover Kids to be checked in by an adult before the service starts. Look for the Crossover Kids table to complete this electronic check-in when you arrive to The Gathering each week.

Have questions about Crossover Kids?

Talk to Chelsea or Tricia. 

You can also find us on Facebook.

* Please fill out a Child Profile for each of your children for us to keep on file.

crossover students:

Ministry & Vision

Crossover Students desires to see students crossover from death to life and from spiritual immaturity to maturity. We’re convinced that student ministry isn't some holding pen before graduating and getting to the real world of following Christ. Rather, we believe students should see themselves as a part of the larger body of Christ—missionaries in their own high schools and neighborhoods.


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Our desire is to connect students to God through the gospel and other students. The Christian life cannot be lived in isolation. We intend to connect with students in Freeport through community partnerships, service opportunities and missional communities. This kind of relationship building will allow us to begin living life alongside students and their families. 



As students are connected with our ministry, we want to equip them to live in obedience to Jesus and His mission. We desire to give students the tools to be effective missionaries now in the places they study, live and socialize and in their future schools, families and workplaces.



The best evangelists for students are fellow students. So just like the early church, we desire to reach students who will go out and reach their peers.

Have questions about Crossover Students?

Talk to Johnathan or send us an email to learn more about how you or your student can get involved. You can also find us on Facebook.