We read through scripture together throughout each week using a method called REAP. 

Read & Record. 

Read through the passage a few times, silently and out loud, with a pen in hand. Note thoughts that might be significant and take time to answer the question, “What do I see?”. Write down one verse that stood out to you.


At this point, take time to answer some questions about the meaning of the text. Work through this list of questions:

  • What does the text mean?
  • What do I like? Is there anything that I don’t like?
  • Is there anything I don’t understand?
  • What do I learn about God, other, or myself from this passage?


Answer the question, “No matter where I am spiritually, what would it look like for me to apply this passage of scripture to my life this week?" Write out your response to this question.


Ask that God would be glorified as you seek to apply specific scriptures to your life this week.

+  +  +  +  +  +  

Remember: The goal of this kind of Bible study is primarily to grow you in faith and obedience, not mere knowledge. Keep this in mind as you intentionally walk through each step of the REAP process.